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Maternal Mental Health Month- Week Five!

Week Five Events and Resources:

Blog Post: Supporting New and New (Again) Moms

New moms need support! Whether they’re a first-time mom or a seasoned mom, the postpartum period has unique challenges that can impact a woman’s mental health. Learn what they are and how to help!

Coming Soon!


Q&A on Supporting Moms After Birth

I’ll go live to talk about how to best support moms during the postpartum period.

Wednesday, May 31st@ 7:00pm
IG: @chanajohnsoncounseling
FB: /aspirecounselingandwellness


Free Webinar: Supporting Moms After Birth

Join this free 30-minute webinar about the challenges that are unique to the portpartum period and how to best support moms at this stage of the journey!

Wednesday, May 31st@ 8:00pm


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