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You've Got Questions.
We've Got Answers.

Getting serious about seeking counseling for yourself and/ or your relationships? You’ve come to the right page! Here you will find everything you need to get started:

  • How can I reach you with questions?
    The Contact page is the way to go!
  • What kinds of therapy do you offer?
    I offer counseling for moms/families struggling with infertility miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, and other pre- and postpartum related issues; individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, life transition issues, and other personal struggles; and couples experiencing communication issues, infidelity, intimacy issues, and other relationship challenges.
  • What age clients do you see?
    Generally speaking, I see clients who are over 21 years of age. The exception to this would be clients who are coming for issues related to a perinatal mood disorder or perinatal loss.
  • How much will my session cost, and do you accept insurance?"
    The Fees and Insurance page outlines all of this in simple, easy to understand language- no surprises here!
  • What happens in a counseling session?
    Well, exactly how the session runs depends a bit on why you’re there (working with an individual managing anxiety is very different from working with a couple recovering from infidelity, for example). But EVERY client can expect Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Privacy, and Confidentiality.
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