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Maternal Mental Health Month- Week Two!

Week Two Events and Resources:


Blog Post: How Nutrition Impacts Mental Health

Did you know that vitamin and minerals have a direct impact on your mental health? It’s true! Learn about the vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can trigger or mimic depression and anxiety symptoms for moms of any age. Coming soon!


Q&A on Nutrition and Mental Health

I’ll go live to answer your questions about the symptoms of depression and anxiety that are caused by poor nutrition and discuss the importance of getting your doctor on board- even when it comes to your mental health.


Wednesday, May 10th@ 8:00pm
IG: @chanajohnsoncounseling
FB: /aspirecounselingandwellness


Free Webinar: Nutrition and Mental Health

Join this free 30-minute webinar that goes more in depth about the impact of nutrition on mental health. Learn more about the vitamins and minerals your body needs to support balanced mood, symptoms to look for when there’s an imbalance, and what to do if you suspect a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

Thursday, May 11th@ 8:00pm


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