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Maternal Mental Health Month- Week Four!

Week Four Events and Resources:

Blog Post: Supporting Pregnant Moms

Pregnancy bring many physical challenges, but there are other challenges that can impact a woman’s mental health, too. Learn what some of those challenges are, and what kind of support women need during their pregnancy to support good mental health! Coming Soon!

Q&A on Mental Health During Pregnancy

I’ll go live to talk about mental health challenges during pregnancy, and answer questions on how to handle the unique challenges that these challenges can bring.

Wednesday, May 24st@ 8:00pm
IG: @chanajohnsoncounseling
FB: /aspirecounselingandwellness



Free Webinar: Supporting Pregnant Moms

Join this free 30-minute webinar that talks about the challenges that pregnant women face during pregnancy, what to look for, and how to help!

Thursday, May 25st@ 8:00pm


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