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Maternal Mental Health Month- Week Three!

Week Three Events and Resources:


Blog Post: All About Self-Care

Self-care is a term thrown around everywhere these days, but what exactly is self-care? (hint- it’s not getting your nails or hair done!) We’ll define self-care as pertains to maternal mental health and learn more about why it’s so important. Coming Soon!


Q&A on Meditation

I’ll go live to talk about what meditation is and isn’t, the benefits of regular meditation, and how to start a regular meditation practice.

Wednesday, May 17th@ 8:00pm
IG: @chanajohnsoncounseling
FB: /aspirecounselingandwellness


Free Zoom Session: Feel Good Yoga

Join me for a free, 20 minute yoga session appropriate for all levels! During this simple flow, we’ll focus on ways to move your body that feel good and restorative. This is NOT a workout, it’s about giving your body some good, relaxing movement- perfect for winding down before bed!

Thursday, May 18th@ 8:00pm


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