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Couples Intensives

What is a Couples Intensive? 
The couples intensive is a personalized experience consisting of six hours of focused therapy (three hours a day for two consecutive days).  Intensives are an accelerated form of therapy that allow us to go deeper, so that you can go even further in the healing process in a shorter amount of time.  We would dedicate three hours each day (with breaks) for a deep dive into the therapy work and toward your goals. Intensives are transformative because people are able to experience dramatic change and rapid progress toward their goals in a shorter amount of time than with traditional weekly or biweekly therapy. In other words, it helps couples to heal their relationship faster. 

How does it work?

Prior to the couples intensive, couples will complete a pre-intensive workbook that has been created especially for the couple based on their initial reports of what their issue is. Upon completion of the workbook, we will meet for a preliminary interview to dermine what the goals for the intensive will be. We do this by looking at what is currently happening within the relationship, outlining what each partner's greatest challenge and greatest wish is, and identifying any additional things that may be influencing the presenting problems (family of origin issues, coping skills, support system, etc.) During the couples intensive, our overarching goal is twofold: to strengthen what is working, and to fix what is not. We do this by incorporating relevant couples counseling modalities that are specific to the presenting problems- this is not a cookie cutter experience! Rather, it is a carefully curated, just-for-the-two-of-you experience that takes a deep dive into what's causing you to feel unhappy in your relationship so that we can work together to get you the relationship you deserve. After the intensive, we meet for a post-intensive interview to reflect on what you've learned and how you want to infuse these skills into your relationship moving forward. 

Reasons to consider a Couples Intensive

  • There are specific problems you'd like to address

  • You have a challenging schedule, and weekly or biweekly sessions would be difficult to manage

  • You have childcare challenges, and weekly or biweekly sessions would be difficult to schedule or interrupted

  • You don't want to wait a week (or two!) between each step of your healing

  • You don't want to do weeks or months of therapy

  • You're ready to feel better NOW

Therapy Intensives can help:

  • Recovering from an affair or betrayal

  • Serious communication challenges

  • Couples on the brink of divorce

  • Blended family issues

  • Couples healing from trauma

What does a Couples Intensive include?


Personalized Intensive Workbook

Each workbook is personalized for the couple it's created for and includes couples' assessments and activities to prepare for the intensive. Additionally, there is space for notes, thoughts and questions, and progress toward your treatment goals before, during, and after the intensive.


Preliminary Interview

A 90-minute session to determine what the goals for the couples intensive will be and to prepare for the experience. In this session, we'll identify what the major problems are that you are struggling to fix.


Customized Intensive Experience

Intensives take place in-person and are scheduled for two days, for 3 hours each day. These sessions include curated treatment modalities and couples interventions targeted toward your specific challenges. 


Post-Intensive Interview

A 90-minute session to debrief and reflect on what you've learned, how you're feeling, and what changes you've made and are looking forward to seeing in your partner. We'll also discuss appropriate next steps.


Optional Add-On: Six Week Check-In

A 90-minute session to see how things are going! We'll discuss your progress up to this point, and identify areas that may warrant further attention.


Optional Add-On: Communication Mini-Course

This mini-course covers the reason most conflict discussions fail right out of the gate, and teaches you how to avoid that. 

Ready to jump start the healing process?

Investment and Options

Intensives are a bigger financial investment up front but you get much more value in a shorter period of time.  It’s cost effective compared to going to weekly therapy for months or years and you don’t have to wait to see results.  It’s perfect for people who are ready for change now.

Image by Ugur Akdemir
Image by Rene Böhmer

Couples Intensive


Optional Six-Week Check-In


  • 9 hour program

  • 6 face-to-face hours

  • personalized intensive workbook

  • 90 minute preliminary session

  • 90 minute post-intensive session

  • all resources and assessments

  • 90 minute session

  • repeat assessment to track progress

  • resources and interventions to work on to maintain your therapeutic progress

Image by Krissia Cruz

Optional Mini-Course


  • 3-hour mini course

  • resources and worksheets

*Intensives are not service that is covered by insurance.

Payment Plans Are Available! These services are FSA/HSA eligible.

  • How can I reach you with questions?
    The Contact page is the way to go!
  • What kinds of therapy do you offer?
    I offer counseling for moms/families struggling with infertility miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, and other pre- and postpartum related issues; individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, life transition issues, and other personal struggles; and couples experiencing communication issues, infidelity, intimacy issues, and other relationship challenges.
  • What age clients do you see?
    Generally speaking, I see clients who are over 21 years of age. The exception to this would be clients who are coming for issues related to a perinatal mood disorder or perinatal loss.
  • How much will my session cost, and do you accept insurance?"
    The Fees and Insurance page outlines all of this in simple, easy to understand language- no surprises here!
  • What happens in a counseling session?
    Well, exactly how the session runs depends a bit on why you’re there (working with an individual managing anxiety is very different from working with a couple recovering from infidelity, for example). But EVERY client can expect Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Privacy, and Confidentiality.

Ready for your transformation?

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