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Maternal Mental Health Month- Week One!

Week One Events and Resources:

Blog Post: Perinatal Mood Disorders and Maternal Mental Health

Check out the new blog post on the website all amout Perinatal Mood Disorders! Everyone has heard of PPD- Postpartum Depression, but did you know that there are actually five additional mood disorders that can emerge in pregnancy or after birth? It's true! Perinatal Mood Disorders occur during the pregnancy and postpartum (up to one year after birth) period, and affect moms and dads across all demographics. Check out the blog post here to learn more!


Q&A on Perinatal Mood Disorders
I'll go live to answer your questions about perinatal mood disorders, symptoms, treatment, and how to get help for someone you love.


Wednesday, May 3rd@ 8:00pm
IG: @chanajohnsoncounseling

FB: /aspirecounselingandwellness


Free Webinar: Baby Blues vs. PPD
Join this free 30 minute webinar that goes more in depth about the "baby blues" and postpartum depression. Learn the difference between the two, what symptoms to look for, and when and how to seek help!

Pleast Note the Change!! SATURDAY
, May 6th@ 8:00pm

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